Peter Segall Innovation Fellowship

Driving Continuous Innovation in Youth Career Readiness.

American Student Assistance (ASA) has established the Peter Segall Innovation Fellowship to improve career readiness outcomes for teens.

The program is named after and inspired by former ASA Board Member, Peter Segall, in appreciation for his legacy in spearheading edtech solutions, and for his excellence in strategic thinking for effective product development that propels innovation.

Segall Innovation Fellows are current graduate students or postdoctoral scholars in education, public policy, social science, media and communications, and related fields. Fellows will collaborate with ASA’s experienced staff on scholarly projects that advance both their own research work and help ASA build a generation of successful students who are confident, competent, and ready to realize the future they envision.

The Fellowship is an opportunity to develop substantive skills and business acumen while making progress on the Fellow’s area of scholarly focus. Fellows will have the ability to collaborate with ASA on a project that is aligned with ASA’s mission and draws on the Fellow’s unique background. Examples of projects of interest to ASA include creating K-12 student innovation spaces, tackling complex educational technology challenges, examining education sustainability questions, or exploring kids’ relationship with digital media. However, ASA is open to a wide range of other educational research that aligns with helping students imagine their life after high school.

Prospective Fellows should submit a proposal consisting of their resume or CV and a detailed cover letter. The cover letter should address reasons for pursuing the Fellowship, a brief description of a scholarly project that would be carried out that is related to ASA’s mission, and how this project could bring innovation to ASA. Proposals for the 2024-2025 academic year will be accepted through April 30, 2024. Compensation will be provided and commensurate with the duration and scope of the research.