Students deserve more.
More knowledge. More choices. More support.

From Capitol Hill to U.S. classrooms, we’re rallying behind policies that empower young people to explore their options, get hands-on experience, and translate dreams into practical and affordable plans for life after high school.

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We support programs and policies that will expand access to college and career exploration for all students, as early as middle school.

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We support programs and policies that will expand hands-on and experiential learning for all students.

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Options & Funding

We support programs and polices that broaden public understanding of post-secondary options and increase funding for all pathways.

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Our Work


Our latest thinking on programs and policies to strengthen student exploration, expand experiential learning, broaden public understanding of post-secondary options, and increase funding for all post-high school pathways.

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ASA regularly provides testimony and legislative input to federal and state lawmakers as they debate legislation around career exploration, experiential learning and all forms of post-secondary education funding.

News + Views

ASA Convenes Policy Forum on Short-Term Pell Grants

ASA recently held a policy forum at the U.S. Capitol focusing on how we can expand the Federal Pell grant program beyond traditional two and four year degrees to cover short term certificate programs and other training opportunities not currently covered by federal grants.

ASA Convenes Panel Discussion “Exploring Earlier: Helping Middle Schoolers See What They Can Be”

Read more about our recent panel discussion where more than 50 educators, policymakers and business leaders came together to discuss expanding career exploration opportunities to middle schoolers.

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