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ASA Advocacy: Fighting For Students and Their Future Success

American Student Assistance® (ASA) advocates for policies that will change government systems and structures to allow students, as young as middle school, to explore their education and career opportunities in a way that sparks their personal interests and better informs them of the full range of possibilities available to them.

Our advocacy platform is built on one clear goal: support policies that will help kids pursue education after high school and attain credentials they will need to achieve their career objectives. We engage with kids early in their educational timeline so that we can have the greatest impact on their future success.

Middle School:

Focus on policies that will ensure kids have the chance to explore many different educational and career options while discovering their personal passions and strengths.

High School:

Focus on policies that will ensure every student graduates with a clearly articulated plan for the higher education and career paths they want to pursue, and has the tools and resources they’ll need to be successful.

Post-High School:

Focus on policies that will ensure students can execute their post-high school plans in a way that leads to higher education success and a fulfilling career of their choice.

We believe that education after high school is crucial to professional success, but there are many viable paths kids can take to achieve that success. To help students feel confident in their choices and understand how to achieve their objectives, we must: