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We make research a key component of our work to ensure that our programs are engaging and effective. We then apply our insights to help drive systemic change and improve post-secondary planning at a national level.

Efficacy and Innovation in Middle School Career Exploration: Proven Models for Student Success

Too many students are leaving American high schools burdened by a high level of uncertainty about their …

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How Gen Z Approaches Decision-Making

American Student Assistance (ASA) is the national nonprofit committed to helping today’s teens and young…

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Working to Learn and Learning to Work: A state-by-state analysis of high school work-based learning policies

Work-based learning, including internships, youth and pre-apprenticeships, and cooperative education pro…

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Spotlight on High School Internships

Opening Doors to In-Demand Skills, Social Capital & Greater Career Certainty

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Digital Economy is Shaping Foundational Skills for Students

Labor market data and previously reported research confirm that the skills required of the modern workfo…

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At the Crossroads of ‘I can’, ‘I should’, and ‘I want’

How the Japanese framework of Ikigai can help guide American youth toward more targeted educ…

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Accepting That Four-Year College is No Longer a Panacea for Today’s Students

Valuing students’ voices in conversations about their futures…and why we must be OK wi…

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Understanding Middle and High School Students’ Attitudes Toward Future Plans

Students today tend to be pragmatic — many understand that to have a successful future, they must be wil…

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School Counselors & College Financial Fit

The first steps on a student’s pathway are usually taken with a high school counselor. In the words of t…

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How Parents Navigate and Influence Their Kids’ Post-High School Education

Is the dream of a four-year college education for every child still the ideal for parents, or are parent…

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Exploring Students’ Perceptions & Expectations for Internships

Internships and other experiential work opportunities are fundamental to the workforce at large and to i…

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Through extensive research and insights, we make sure we know everything about our audience, their influencers, and the competitive landscape.

We design our outcome models around proven knowledge and behavior change evaluation. Every program is measured for impact and its value.

We work with three main
types of data:
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Our team is skilled at using industry-standard tools to:
Distribute Data