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American Student Assistance®
American Student Assistance is a private nonprofit dedicated to opening the gateway to opportunity by revolutionizing the way students approach, finance, and repay their higher education.

At American Student Assistance, our vision is for every student who wants a college degree to be able to get it in a financially responsible way. Achieving this allows students to unlock their dreams, and we empower that potential with Salt®, an innovative educational program that develops money knowledge for college and beyond. Working alongside like-minded, socially conscious partners, Salt reaches as many students and alumni as possible, creating confident consumers and a fiscally strong, educated nation. A higher education is a key conduit to opportunity. With our help, students can take full advantage of this—because they’re confident they paid for school successfully.

Founded in 1956, American Student Assistance has worked with millions of student borrowers around the country, before, during and after school. Early in our history, we focused on making guaranteed student loans possible. More recently, our mission has evolved to help more students successfully complete a program of higher education financing and repayment

American Student Assistance provides advice to students pursuing a college degree, proactive student borrower outreach, expert and unbiased loan counseling services—and partners with more than 275 colleges and universities nationwide to deliver a comprehensive responsible borrower program we call Salt.

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American Student Assistance wants every student who wants to pursue a college degree to be able to get it in a financially responsible way.

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What is Salt?

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American Student Assistance has been helping students for over 50 years achieve their dreams of a higher education and successfully manage their college loan debt.

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The Salt Program

How Salt Helps Schools

At American Student Assistance (ASA), we believe our people make us great. Learn more about career opportunities at ASA.

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Job Opportunities

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Our resources include compliance updates to ECASLA (The Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act of 2008), FFELP (Federal Family Education Loan Program) policies and regulations, plus our industry-leading insights, research and analysis, and solutions.

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Resources and Insights

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American Student Assistance’s Board of Directors is an integral part of our management team, and our Senior Staff team has nearly 200 years’ combined experience in higher education financing and financial aid.

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The American Dream: Alive and Well, Even for Students With Debt

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