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When our enterprise was founded in 1956, it started out as an insurer for banks guaranteeing college loans. Then in 1998, a radical idea changed our trajectory. What if we cared for the student borrower instead of the financial instrument? Since that moment, American Student Assistance® (ASA) has been the nation’s leading advocate for students who are financing college.

At ASA®, and our education consumer literacy program Salt®, we believe higher education is the gateway to opportunity and we believe that gateway should be accessible to all. For too many students, paying for college is an all-out barrier or a life-crushing burden, and we fight the system that blocks that access.

We value empathy, education and the realization of dreams. Our noble purpose is to free everyone to unlock the potential of college by eliminating financing as a barrier to education …. and the dreams education enables.

We do this by demystifying the college financing process. We provide information, education and individualized advice, shining a light and revealing better pathways.

We do this with resolve, compassion and expertise … with the impartiality that comes from being independent and nonprofit.

We aspire to alleviate the individual and societal burden of college debt, and in so doing to expand the potential of education to enable more dreams.

In fact, by 2025, we will ensure no student fails to enter, continue or complete their formal education because of finances. We’re building a community of partners to achieve this goal, and we invite you to join in the movement.

American Student Assistance is dedicated to eliminating finance as a barrier to education and the dreams education enables.

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American Student Assistance has been helping students for 60 years achieve their dreams of a higher education and successfully manage their college loan debt.

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At American Student Assistance, we believe our people make us great. Learn more about career opportunities at ASA.

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American Student Assistance’s Board of Directors is an integral part of our management team, and our Senior Staff team has nearly 200 years’ combined experience in higher education financing and financial aid.

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