Julie Lammers (ASA)

SVP of Advocacy & Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Youth work-based learning
  • Middle school exploration programs
  • Skills-based hiring
  • Nondegree pathways to success
  • Entrepreneurship education


Julie leads ASA’s government relations, advocacy, and philanthropic giving activities, working to impact change through both policy and philanthropic investment and expand opportunities for students.

Prior to ASA, Julie worked for over nine years as Congressional Aide to US Senator Edward M. Kennedy and his successor, Senator Paul Kirk, Jr. In that role she managed public outreach to constituent groups on national policy related to education, the arts, environment and welfare issues.

She is a graduate of Northeastern University, Suffolk University Law School, and is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.


  • ASU+GSV 2024: Teen Work Based Learning: Expanding Opportunity and Credentialing Valuable Experiences
  • ASU+GSV 2024: Beyond Degrees: Illuminating Postsecondary Paths to Prosperity
  • ASU+GSV 2024: The State of Career Exploration: Making Middle School Count
  • SXSW EDU 2024: Career Education: Policy & Practice to Best Serve Learners
  • SXSW EDU 2024: Engaging Gen Z in Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • New Pathways Convening 2023: Credentialing
  • New Pathways Convening 2023: Policy and State-Level Support for Pathways and Innovation
  • New Pathways Convening 2023: Work-Based Learning
  • Horizons 2023: Employers Leading the Way in High School Work-based Learning


ASU + GSV 2023: Employer-led Solutions to Youth Career Readiness
Interplay Learning Interactive Training: The Impact of Early Career Exploration