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American Student Assistance® (ASA) partners with a variety of national and community-based organizations, education institutions, policymakers, and businesses that help us deliver and scale innovative programs and services for students in middle school, high school, and beyond.

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David Shapiro, CEO, MENTOR

“MENTOR is proud to partner with ASA toward achieving our shared goal of expanding social capital and reinforcing the fabric of communities, both locally and nationally. It is so important that philanthropic leaders follow ASA’s example of investing in relationships that will open doors to a wider range of opportunities that align with young people’s unique skills, interests, and abilities. We applaud ASA for their commitment to expanding support, pathways, and opportunity for our young people and our nation’s strength, justice, and prosperity.”

Rebekah Splaine Salwasser, Executive Director, Red Sox Foundation

“The Red Sox Foundation is honored to work with American Student Assistance as the Official Workforce Development Partner of our Red Sox Scholars program this year. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of youth, and one way that we’ve been able to achieve our mission is by providing greater educational opportunities through our Red Sox Scholars program. With the added expertise and support of American Student Assistance, we are excited to further strengthen the academic, professional, and social support for our students from middle school through college.”

Josh Kraft, Nicholas President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

“Through our partnership with American Student Assistance, we are able to create and implement a quality workforce development program to prepare our members for success in today’s competitive global workforce. ASA’s knowledge of financial and educational planning, paired with BGCB’s existing career development programming, will benefit our preteen and teen members tremendously as they plan for their futures. We look forward to working with ASA to help our members realize their full potential as the next generation of Boston employees and business leaders.”

Massachusetts Workforce Skills Cabinet:

Rosalin Acosta, Secretary, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

James Peyser, Secretary, Executive Office of Education

Jay Ash, Secretary, Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

“ASA’s new mission directly supports the work we are doing through the Workforce Skills Cabinet to better align education and training systems to job growth and expansion in Massachusetts. Helping more kids make informed education and career decisions is at the heart of this work. We look forward to working with ASA to execute on their mission.”

Karen Crebase, Superintendent of Schools, Hopedale, Massachusetts

“ASA is recognizing an important need by helping kids start to explore college and career options at an early age. Hopedale is thrilled to be partnering with ASA to provide our middle school students with a grant to fund STEAM education, teaching engineering, robotics, sensor input, animation, and many other standards. Like ASA, we believe that by providing our students with these learning opportunities in seventh and eighth grade, they will make informed decisions about computer science courses during high school and college. By teaming with ASA, Hopedale schools will be at the forefront of preparing our students for careers in computer science, which our business community has identified as a critical need.”

Patreka J. Wood, Director of Academic Advancement & Student Support, Mario Umana Academy

“ASA has been a collaborative partner at the Mario Umana Academy in many ways. They have supported our STEM initiative by organizing and facilitating a Girls Who Code program after school for Umana middle school students. Additionally, they have supported Umana eighth graders with applying to high school by offering after-school essay writing support.”

Elisabeth Talbot, Student Development Counselor, Community Academy of Science and Health

“ASA is a true partner in our work at C.A.S.H., working with the guidance and engagement teams to plan, coordinate, and execute workshops, activities, and field experiences that support the college and career readiness of our students in grades 9-12. ASA provides practical support to students and families in the post-secondary planning process.”