Though no student can predict exactly how life after high school will be, much can be done to prepare for it. The seven-year journey through middle and high school offers a dynamic opportunity to build self-confidence, explore interests, experiment with different career paths, and prepare to make an informed decision come senior year—with certainty.

ASA believes it’s possible for young people to face life after high school with confidence, with a plan. By giving them the right tools, resources, and information, students can enter the workforce in full command of their skills and agility, equipped to build a better world.

But this cannot be done alone.


Much of ASA’S work is guided by the digital world, as 95% of today’s students spend more than four hours per day in it. That’s why we’re creating a digital ecosystem for middle and high schoolers to explore, experiment, and navigate their future possibilities—and we’d like you to continue building it with us.

Over the past few years, we’ve amassed an audience of millions of students nationwide via two direct-to-kid digital experiences.

We created Futurescape, a game-like career exploration platform that matches a student’s personality with potential jobs. In 2021, Futurescape was used in every state by more than four million students total. Featuring information about over 45,000 career paths, the platform has so far garnered a 91% user satisfaction rate.

We created The Future Network, a video series that follows middle and high schoolers as they learn about careers through real-world experiences. To date, The Future Network videos have been watched more than 38 million times by over seven million unique viewers.


ASA welcomes partners who can help produce or provide incremental content, rewards or learning activities that enable middle and high schoolers to succeed in their career planning journey. And while each relationship is unique, our collective efforts can help drive radical change for a generation of students.

Are you ready to join us and learn more?

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