On The Side Of Students For Over 60 Years

We’re a national nonprofit dedicated to helping students succeed as they pursue, persist, and ultimately achieve their higher education dreams.

On The Side Of Students For Over 60 Years

We’re a national nonprofit dedicated to helping students succeed as they pursue, persist, and ultimately achieve their higher education dreams.

For Colleges & Universities

Our programs help schools improve enrollment, retention, and completion performance by empowering students with the financial knowledge and motivation they need to attend college, complete their degree, and repay their student debt.

We Provide:

  • Salt®, an online program featuring courses, tools, and guidance for your students and alumni
  • Personalized and proactive one-on-one student debt counseling
  • Resources, insights, and support for administration and staff

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For Students & Alumni

We give you the free tools, personalized support, and confidence to achieve the goals that matter most to you, like taking control of your money, earning a degree, and managing student debt on your terms.


Free financial, career, and student loan info you need to know—with real solutions when you need some help.

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College Planning Services

In-person support and financial aid help for high school students, parents, and anyone aspiring to attend college.

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For Policymakers & Advocates

Through our Center for Consumer Advocacy, our experts are working to inform and craft meaningful, systemic policy change that helps students and families planning for, financing, and repaying the costs of college.

We Provide:

  • 60+ years of industry expertise and advocacy
  • Respected input and guidance on legislation that impacts borrowers
  • A tireless voice for students and working families

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ASA's Impact

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What People Are Saying

“The [ASA Upward Bound] program and Stonehill are a natural fit with the common mission and values that we share …”

Mark Sabina,
Director of Conference & Event Services
Stonehill College

“In short, ASA is a true partner with us in default prevention and financial literacy… as proven by our declining default rates!”

Penny Wills,
Yavapai College

“For students, Salt simply provides the tools and advice they need in a way they want.”

Craig Karlin,
Director of Financial Assistance
For Hays State University

“Out of everyone that I’ve ever dealt with… [ASA] has been the most helpful, the most patient, the most understanding.”

One-On-One Counseling Caller
Fort Hays State University

“[ASA’s] wisdom, knowledge of the material, and advice and direction has literally changed my financial future.”

One-On-One Counseling Caller

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Resources & Insights

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Bridging The Gap Between Education And Occupation

Across the country, colleges and universities are bridging the gap between the career readiness of their students and the challenge employers have finding qualified applicants in a competitive market. Download our latest whitepaper and learn how higher education institutions are using innovative ways to bridge the skills gap.

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Higher Ed Is Adapting To Non-Traditional Students

Today, 70% of Americans pursuing a bachelor’s degree qualify as non-traditional students. Download our latest infographic to learn how higher education is adapting to this growing population.

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