Expanding Career Exploration to Middle Schools State-By-State with Perkins V

Recent federal legislation can pave the way for much needed investment in career
exploration at a younger age for students across the country. The Strengthening
Career and Technical Education for the 21 st Century Act (Perkins V), signed into
law in July 2018 as the reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical
Education Act, provides the framework for our nation’s career and technical
education (CTE) system. For the first time, this legislation now permits Perkins
funding to be used on career exploration programming as early as fifth grade.
But while Perkins V sets the stage for earlier career exploration at the federal
level, it will be up to individual states to allocate specific funding for this purpose;
review and revise state regulations and definitions that may restrict this expansion
to younger grades; and ensure proper support structures are in place to carry it
out successfully.

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