Best Practices for Engaging Middle Schoolers in Career Exploration

At American Student Assistance, our goal is to help students know themselves, know their options, and make informed decisions to achieve their education and career goals. We believe that career exploration at an early age can help students develop a clear plan for their future that will put them on a path for post-secondary success and increases their chance of an educational experience well aligned with career interests. Our advisors have years of experience in providing career exploration tools and resources to students online, in classrooms, and through community-based organizations. Gathered here are some of their best practices and practical tips to provide students with meaningful, engaging instruction to uncover skills and interests, and connect learning to the future workplace.

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Efficacy and Innovation in Middle School Career Exploration: Proven Models for Student Success

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Working to Learn and Learning to Work: A state-by-state analysis of high school work-based learning policies

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