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Student Loan Resources

Students & Alumni

Student Loan Resources

Successful Repayment

Successfully repaying your student loans means staying informed and knowing all your options. We’ll help you do both.

Repayment Schedules & Options

You have options when it comes to paying back your student loans. Click below to learn more about repaying your unique loan. If you’re struggling, you may be able to change your repayment plan, or pause or have your payments forgiven.

Contact Us,, or your loan servicer to learn more.

Repaying Federal Student Loans
Repaying Perkins Loans
Repaying Institutional Loans
Repaying & Consolidating Private Student Loans

Ensuring Financial Wellness

Student loan debt can make financial freedom seem impossible, but don’t give up. Visit, or click the links below for smart ways to start taking control of your money today.

Managing Credit Reports and Credit Scores
Tax Incentives for Student Loan Borrowers
Know What You Owe With NSLDS

Loan Dispute And Discharge

A loan discharge releases you from all or a portion of your student loan debt obligation. Click below to learn the ways you may be eligible.

Salt® eBook: 100+ Ways To Get Rid of Student Loans Without Paying Them
Postponing Loan Payments Due To A Disaster

Tools And Guides

Successfully manage your education debt with these repayment tools.

Budget Worksheet
Build a budget and find out how much money you’re saving—or losing—each month.

Student Loan Portfolio
Gather and keep all your student loan information in this interactive PDF.