A Month to Celebrate and Recommit


A Month to Celebrate and Recommit

March 13, 2019

CEO Jean Eddy discusses the prominent roles women hold at ASA, including in leadership positions across the company and its Board of Directors.

Though March is traditionally when we celebrate Women’s History Month, here at ASA it’s a 365-day affair.

As a nonprofit, a sector that is largely driven by women, it’s impressive though not surprising that 54.24 percent of ASA’s employees are female.

I am proud to serve as the first female CEO of ASA, alongside our Executive VP who is also a woman. In an industry dominated by women, however, there is still a gap when it comes to leadership positions. According to research from GuideStar’s 2017 Nonprofit Compensation Report, while the tide is slowly turning, at organizations with budgets between $25 million and $50 million, only 30 percent are women. This leadership gap also spills over to nonprofit boards.

I asked my colleagues in our Human Resources Department to run some numbers:

  • Women hold the majority of management positions at ASA – 55.81 percent – including half of senior staff
  • ASA’s board of directors is 54.55 percent female

The women of ASA represent a cross section of departments, skillsets and job titles. We are shattering stereotypes with prominent roles in information technology and finance, and we are leading by example with women directing many of our community-based operations.

As the country celebrates the record-breaking number of women in Congress, and while we all recognize the famous women who have fought for our rights throughout history this month, I personally would like to salute the women of ASA and across this sector.

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