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March 5, 2021

Research shows that today’s students and parents do not have the information and financial planning resources needed to fully explore the many high-quality post-secondary education options available to them. Decision-making is frequently focused on four-year college pathways because they are most prominent in our culture and families do not understand which options lead to careers that make use of students’ interests and aptitudes – or the costs of these programs.

When it comes to planning for the future, high school students and families need tools that explore all possible pathways
February 22, 2021

As high school students begin to make plans for the summer of 2021, many believe they must choose between two objectives: a paycheck or experience. Read more on how we can align ‘finding a job’ with ‘finding the right path for me,’ and support programs that expand work-based learning opportunities for high school students.

Listening to High Schoolers to Open Doors to Work-Based Learning
February 5, 2021

For many students younger than 18, experiential work-based learning (WBL), such as internships, youth apprenticeships and summer jobs, is a lifechanging opportunity that can help them better prepare for the ever-changing world of work. But it can also be an intimidating experience that heightens students’ insecurity about their ability to fit into a workplace when many professionals they meet do not share their race, ethnicity, background, or experiences.

Panel Explores How to Build Cultural Competence & Equity in Youth Work-Based Learning
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