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April 30, 2021

The pandemic has served as an accelerant to many of the forces that were already impacting education in America. Specifically, it has caused us to take a hard look at some of the things we have tended to see as foregone conclusions, like the idea that every student should strive to go to a four-year college. Is that conclusion still the right one? Or are non-college, permeable pathways, long considered to be “alternative”, now worth a closer look by educators, parents and counselors?

Gap Years, Micro-Credentials & Non-College Options: Hot Takes from Today’s Teens
April 28, 2021

The term “work-based learning” can bring to mind many different terms and phrases. Definitions can range from lighter-touch events, like job shadowing and career fairs, to more intensive hands-on experiences, like internships and apprenticeships. It is critical states define work-based learning opportunities and communicate these definitions and opportunities to educators, families and employers. But the work cannot stop there.

Defining High School Work-Based Learning Is Just the First Step: Why Communications Infrastructure Is So Important
April 21, 2021

Many organizations found themselves adapting to a new normal over the last year as they struggled to keep employees connected and examined their current work culture, missions, and organizational values. As many now return to the workplace, re-establish in-person relationships, and restructure how we do business, business leaders should be asking themselves: Are we ready to meaningfully engage youth in the workplace? Are we ready to seize this opportunity and use the power of connection to embrace a mentoring mindset and support all young people, especially those who do not have strong connections to professional relationships and pathways?

It’s Time to Prioritize Mentoring in the Workplace
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