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MAY 4, 2020

This week kicks off national Teacher Appreciation Week across the United States.

While our teachers deserve our praise and recognition for their hard work every day, the current crisis has reminded us that their commitment to our students is unwavering. We have all been shaped by educators, whether it was our own or a teacher of a child in our family. As we extend our deepest thanks to educators across the country for their incredible devotion to our students and families, the ASA team wanted to recognize a few individual educators who have meant so much to them.

If there’s one thing you do this week, make sure it is to thank a teacher.

When I think of great teachers, I am reminded of Jack Chisholm, my high school Humanities teacher at Sandwich High School, who had such a passion for the philosophy and ethics.  It was from him and his ability to make the works of Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates relevant to our lives today, that I discovered so much of myself: my curiosity, my analytic nature, my desire to understand what drives people. Because Mr. Chisholm tirelessly fostered that exploration, I am fortunate enough today to continue to develop those qualities and skills and work in a career that I love and continue to find meaningful.  Mr. Chisholm died more than 10 years ago, but I still think about him and the impact he’s had, and continues to have, on my life.

Alan White, Director, Strategic Insights & Program Outcomes

I would like to send a special thank you to Lauren Baugher, who is a teacher and coach at Newton North High School, as well a coach and developer of athletic programs for younger children.  With infectious joy and energy, Lauren impacts kids in two ways, in equal measure.  First, Lauren builds kids up, by noticing and encouraging each kid’s strengths and uniqueness in a way that allows them to get a glimpse of their own possibility.  Secondly, Lauren is constantly emphasizing the necessity of loving and caring about others.  Lauren has taught my 17-year old senior twice and coached my fifth grader and has been a gift to both, but they are just two of the many people who have stood in her light.

Aura Brosnan, Corporate Counsel

Mr. Crowley goes above and beyond for his students, and I want to share how much I appreciate him for that! Not only is he great seventh grade history teacher but he also advocates GEAR UP programs on my behalf. We have worked together for the last two years, sharing opportunities and supporting Umana scholars. Thank you for all your hard work!

Maria Paredes, Umana GEAR UP Advisor

A middle school foreign language teacher, Mrs. Lewis, greatly influenced my daughter’s love of languages, which followed her into high school and college, perfecting her conversational French.  Now an adult, my daughter has chosen to spend some of her quarantine time taking an interactive course in the Japanese language with plenty of virtual class time and work sheets.  She just mentioned her fond memories of Mrs. Lewis the other day.

Abby Clayton, Marketing Insights & Outcomes

From my freshman year in high school, my business education teacher, Mrs. Conner, walked into my life and changed it forever.  She helped me to hone my passion for business and accounting at an early age and, in the process of doing so, treated me as if I were one of her own children.  Thank you, Mrs. Conner, for the impact you had, and continue to have, on my life.

Mike Grant, Manager, Financial Systems & Reporting

I’d like to give a shout out to Jaiden’s first-grade teacher, Keri Gangemi.  In the summer of 2014, Ms. Gangemi reached out to all parents to get to know her future students and she took to Jaiden instantly.  She had broken her arm at gymnastics camp just before school started.  Ms. Gangemi kept her comfortable and made sure she was always in good spirits.  She even helped with writing things down and buttoning coats; such a mothering spirit.  Jaiden learned a lot in first grade from a fun-loving teacher who will always be one of our favorites!

Krystal Windley, Client Manager

Our whole family wants to thank Mrs. Kim Doherty of AC Whelan Elementary School in Revere, MA. She has provided the support parents like us have needed during the new abnormal. She still keeps learning engaging, mails gifts and awards to students, and she takes the time to remind parents to not be so hard on ourselves.

Mark Struppa, Manager, Guarantor Services

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