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ASA Advisors Offer Students a Connection to a Brighter Future

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APRIL 8, 2020

As adults, we all encourage the young people in our lives to explore their options, consider all pathways and see the future for all its possibility. While our present feels a bit uncertain right now, it’s critical that we continue to offer our young people an optimistic and practical perspective. A view that is full of hope and connection to the resources that will enable them to focus on next steps with excitement.

As an organization with a mission that is squarely focused on helping young people find their passions and plan for their futures, we feel this obligation keenly. As such, we’ve expanded our services to help students look to the future with actionable insights about what comes after both graduation and this pandemic.

ASA’s Counseling Services team has expanded its offerings, and families can now make an appointment with our call center through an online scheduling service. To ensure students are getting the most realistic and actionable counsel, our expert counselors use Burning Glass Technologies’ Labor Insights Dashboard to provide real-time job market analysis.

This incredible resource helps our counselors provide students with a clear picture of the skills and education needed to pursue any career endeavor, and a realistic sense of the pay scale. Using artificial intelligence, the Burning Glass dashboard offers the most up-to-date information about the job market, including what jobs are in demand, skills employers are looking for, and the career pathways with the highest potential.

Please share these resources with families and young people in your life. Thinking about the future can inspire hope at a time when we could all use it!

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