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Apr 06th, 2017

It has come to our attention that an entity called “American Student Association” has been sending multiple emails to individuals advertising “student reduction” plans. A Google search for American Student Association brings up our organization, American Student Assistance®. Please know that we have no affiliation with this group or these emails. We are a nonprofit with 60+ years’ experience helping students access and successfully repay higher education. All of our information, counseling and services are free of charge to higher education consumers.

In recent years, so-called “student debt relief” companies have been popping up more and more frequently, as student loan borrowers have become increasingly desperate for solutions to get education debt under control. These companies often advertise that they can help you apply for the “Obama student loan forgiveness” or a student loan reduction, for a fee.

In reality, these companies are essentially charging you for document processing services, to apply for programs available through the federal government. You can apply for these programs, like income driven repayment and public service loan forgiveness, for free yourself by contacting your loan servicer. Or, there are many nonprofits, such as our organization, that will assist you for no charge.

It is especially ironic that our organization has been affected by this mix-up, as we have tried to shine a light on the student debt relief industry. Through our Student Loan Ranger blog on U.S. News & World Report, multiple media articles and radio interviews, we’ve been doing our best to spread the word about debt relief companies and how consumers can protect themselves from possible abuses. And our Center for Consumer Advocacy hears from dozens of borrowers each year who’ve been scammed.

What You Can Do

If you’re receiving unwanted/unsolicited emails or phone calls from American Student Association, call them at 877-732-6439 and ask to be removed from their email/call lists. Additionally, you may call our organization at 866-493-5563 and voluntarily submit your information into our “Debt Relief Survey.” This survey is an initiative to track borrowers who may have been contacted by debt relief companies, so that we may provide trend information to authorities such as the Attorney General.

If you feel that you’ve been duped or scammed by any student debt relief company, you may also contact your state Attorney General.

For more information about ways to protect yourself from possible student debt relief scams, read our prior blogs here and here, or contact consumeradvocacy@asa.org for more information.

We understand how confusing and complicated student loans are, and we hate the fact there are unethical companies out there trying to take advantage of consumers. Please know that American Student Assistance is trusted and seasoned, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – and is here to help.