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Study after study has shown the incredible boost in earnings that accompanies a college degree. But according to a 2011 Pew Research report, about half the students who leave before graduation do it because they can’t manage the financial side of college.3 So while you should be proud that Brown University beats the national graduation rate of 56%—wouldn’t you like to make it even better? Because every point short of 100% represents dozens of students who won’t see the benefits of a degree. That’s why the national nonprofit ASA created SALT™. This comprehensive financial education and responsible borrowing program changes the relationship students have with their loans by giving them the knowledge and confidence to make smart borrowing decisions every step of the way—including after graduation. When students have a plan for financing their education, they’ll feel the money they owe for their Brown University degree is worth every cent.

Student debt isn’t the issue. A lack of knowledge is.

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Money 101: The Importance Of Teaching Students To Manage Their Finance

"...So rather than lament the impact of student loan debt, let's look at the realities of paying for college as an opportunity to give our students a complete education - by teaching them how to pay for one..."

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The realities of paying for college often present students with a series of difficult financial choices and few easy answers. This interactive simulation is designed to walk you through a typical student experience with seemingly obvious choices that may not be that obvious after all. Put yourself in the shoes of your students and see if you can steer yourself to successful degree completion.



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Let us help you bring SALT to your students

We think bringing financial education and a responsible borrowing program to the students of Brown University makes a lot of sense. You probably do, too. But that’s not all it takes. So we’ve put together this presentation to help your cross-campus team better evaluate the strengths of SALT and determine if it’s right for you. You can watch it here, download it to your computer, or even send it to colleagues simply by clicking the share button. Take a look. We think you’ll find it interesting.

At American Student Assistance, our vision is for every student who wants a college degree to be able to get it in a financially responsible way.

Achieving this allows students to unlock their dreams, and we empower that potential with SALT™, an innovative educational program that develops money knowledge for college—and beyond. Working alongside like-minded, socially conscious partners, SALT reaches as many students and alumni as possible, creating confident consumers and a fiscally strong, educated nation. A higher education is a key conduit to opportunity. With our help, students can take full advantage of this—because they’re confident they paid for school successfully.
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