When repaying your student loans, it is important to know the choices available to you—and their differences.

Compare those differences quickly and easily with these calculators.

Standard Repayment Calculator

  • The normal schedule—and the one in which you pay the least interest overall—is standard repayment.

 Extended Repayment Calculator

  • If you need to lower your monthly payments, you can do so by stretching your repayment period with extended repayment.

Graduated Repayment Calculator

Income-Based Repayment Calculator

Income-Sensitive Repayment Calculator

Comparison Calculator

  • See how the standard, graduated, and income-sensitive payment plans stack up against one another.

Deferment Calculator

  • You may be able to temporarily postpone payment of your loans with a deferment. While in deferment, the government pays the interest for the subsidized portion of your loans. The unsubsidized portions still collect interest (as do Grad and Parent PLUS loans).

Forbearance Calculator

  • If you do not qualify for deferment, you may be able to temporarily postpone your loans with forbearance. Forbearance usually results in an extension of the repayment period—and interest continues to accrue on subsidized and unsubsidized parts of your loan, causing your total loan amount to increase.

Rehabilitation Calculator

  • If you qualify for Rehabilitation of your loan, you may qualify for new monthly payments based on 15% of the amount of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) that exceeds 150% of the poverty guideline for your state of residence and family size, divided by 12 months.  

Calculator results are only estimates. Your eligibility and actual payment amounts may vary. Contact your loan holder for more information.