Managing Default

Most federal loans enter default when payments are more than 270 days past due. Other loan types may default earlier.

Having a loan default can seem scary, especially considering the consequences. Realizing how you reached this point is important—as is knowing what you can do now to manage the situation.

  • Take advantage of your options. Whether you pay your loan in full, rehabilitate it, or consolidate it, you can recover from default.
  • Take a look at your circumstances. Think your loan defaulted by mistake or due to something out of your control? Find out about loan discharge.
  • Take note of how you got here. See how loans reach default status—and how that impacts your loan balance—with our interactive timeline.

American Student Assistance® (ASA) plays an important role in defaulted loans. Contact us—we can help you avoid default or figure out your options if you have already defaulted.

Make a Payment

If ASA® holds your loan, you can send us a payment in 2 different ways:

By phone. Call ASA to provide us with your payment information. Our payment advisors will need your ASA account number, checking account number, and bank routing number to process your payment.
By mail. Mail a check made out to “American Student Assistance” to the following address:

     American Student Assistance
     P.O. Box 415499
     Boston, MA 02241-5499

If you are mailing a payment without your billing statement, please include your ASA account number on your check.