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Student Loan Basics

Higher education can be expensive—but consider it an investment in your future.

Continuing your education can help you grow, broaden your career options, and increase your earning potential. For millions of students and their families, though, it can also mean taking on student loans. Before you borrow, know the basics.

  • Think about how you will get to school. ASA’s College Planning Services team can help.
  • Think about how you will afford school. College costs keep increasing. Get all the federal money you are entitled to by learning about the financial aid process.
  • Think about what you are borrowing. Don’t accept loans just because they are offered to you. Borrow only what you need by understanding student loans.
  • Think about your tomorrow. Student loans can help you reach your current goals—but their costs can impact your future. Make sure your loans fit into your plan for overall financial wellness.

If you ever need help understanding your options, contact American Student Assistance® (ASA). Our experts are equipped to answer your most challenging student loan questions.