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Repayment Challenges

If your student loans are delinquent, it means that you have fallen behind on your payments.

You might have to make a late payment once in a while. Before you do, remember that delinquency has serious consequences. Before they affect you, take advantage of your options.

  • You can pay less. Federal student loan borrowers can decrease their monthly payments with different repayment options.
  • You can postpone payments. You may be unemployed, sick, or just facing financial trouble. Other borrowers are too. That is why federal student loan borrowers have repayment postponement options like deferment and forbearance.
  • You can get help. Don’t ignore all the calls and letters about your loan—learn about the help offered by the people contacting you.

To see how paying less or postponing payments would affect you, use our student loan tools.

If you don’t make a payment for 270 days, your loan will default. Delinquency is stressful, but default is worse. It is expensive and damages your credit, so you should avoid it no matter what.

Your Responsibility

You might miss a payment if you don’t receive your bill. Make sure your servicer has your current address—especially if you have moved recently. Remember, you are expected to make payments even if you do not receive a bill or repayment notice.