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Higher education is an investment in your future. 

Continuing your education can help you grow, broaden your career options, and increase your earning potential. For millions of students and their families, student loans are a necessary part of their educational journey. Making informed choices about those loans is the smartest way to begin. Before you borrow, know the basics: 

  • Think about how you will afford school. College costs keep increasing. Get all the federal money you are entitled to by learning about the financial aid process.
  • Think about what you are borrowing. Don’t accept loans just because they are offered to you. Borrow only what you need by understanding student loans.
  • Think about your tomorrow. Student loans can help you reach your current goals—but their costs can impact your future. Make sure your loans fit into your plan for overall financial wellness.

American Student Assistance® is a nonprofit you can rely on for neutral, honest student loan solutions. American Student Assistance has combined 50+ years of knowledge and best practices into a powerful Responsible Borrower Program called Salt®. Salt provides the tools and resources you need, when you need them—teaching students to borrow smart, borrow less, and repay well. If you ever need help understanding your options, our experts are equipped to answer your most challenging student loan questions.

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Salt® is a free nonprofit-backed program dedicated to helping students plan for, pay for, and repay the cost of their degree, while preparing them for a successful financial future. 

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The American Student Assistance® (ASA) College Planning team helps young people and adults from all backgrounds plan for college and find sources of financial aid through school-based programs located in libraries and community agencies.

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Have questions about student loans? American Student Assistance® (ASA) can help keep you on track with successful loan repayment and provide meaningful guidance if you’re having repayment challenges. 

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