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How Salt Helps Schools

As schools work to shift the way students approach education loans toward a confident, well-informed, and proactive methodology, they must also be cognizant of the impact that students’ existing concerns can have on departments across campus. Studies suggest that increased student attrition rates, reduced alumni giving, and decreasing enrollment are already being observed at institutions across the nation. By partnering with Salt to implement a comprehensive education finance support program, you can take meaningful steps to address these issues—while ensuring the future success of your university and its students.

Departments across campus benefit from SALT:


Provide matriculating students with the financial principles, skills, and resources to make college costs feel more manageable while helping existing students stay in school until completing their degrees—all of which lowers recruiting costs and contributes positively to your school’s public image.


Show support for students well beyond graduation by providing real-world money skills, student loan debt management services, and more. Nurture financially healthy alumni who are more likely to have a positive view of their alma mater—and the financial flexibility to give back.


Empower your students to better understand their loan options, stay on track with repayment, and learn sound money management skills. In return, they can better avoid delinquencies and defaults—ultimately impacting the overall financial health and reputation of your institution while maintaining eligibility to participate in certain federal loan programs.


Embrace the principle that financial skills learned early become skills for life. Make a real difference from day one by providing expert counseling, job and internship finders, financial education, and in-demand debt management skills—all built to make sure students and alumni leverage their investment in higher education and succeed in their careers.


Provide your students with a comprehensive approach to understanding how they finance their education to help them through to graduation and beyond—ensuring the success of both students and your institution.


Engage with students early so they understand their financial aid options, learn solid money management practices, and get started on the path for success. Provide valuable one-on-one guidance through Salt’s online courses and expert counselors so they feel comfortable managing their student loans from inception through repayment.


Prepare each incoming class for success with an industry-leading Responsible Borrower Program. In so doing, your school will take an immediate step toward fulfilling the promise of a brighter future for your students while positively impacting enrollment numbers, alumni giving, and public perception.