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Working Together Toward Like-minded Goals.

With the help of socially responsible partners across public and private sectors, American Student Assistance® (ASA) is working to ensure that more people have access to the opportunity higher education provides.

Because we share the goal of helping people from similar backgrounds and with similar needs, we have the unique opportunity to:

  • Extend the Reach of a Common Cause – Our partners make it possible to for us to expose more people to the broad range of services that help pave the way to college—with educational content and digital experiences to loan counseling services
  • Promote & Advocate for Higher Education – With your help, we can inspire measurable change among groups of people who traditionally face challenges accessing the opportunities that higher education unlocks 
  • Partner for Change – Together, we can develop new programs and experiences that will make college more attainable by empowering students to confidently approach, manage, and repay their student loans 

Let’s work together

Together, we’re empowering students and helping more people find the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. For more information contact Director of Community Impact, Robert Cole at 617.728.4640 or