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The benefits of a credit union membership last a lifetime.The same can also be said of Salt®. With 60 years of experience teaching financial education and money management skills to our members we can unequivocally say that the most effective means of recovering from financial hardship is to avoid getting into it in the first place.

Just like your credit union, Salt is a member-focused, not-forprofit organization. Whether a current student, an alumni with student loans, or the parent of students or recent alumni, we deliver value to our members through an innovative financial education platform and one-to-one counseling services that empower our members to confidently and competently manage their finances, develop financial skills for life, and pursue their higher education dreams.

Financial Education That Works

Member Activity

  • 1.13 million+ activated Salt members
  • 516,500+ average page views a month
  • 2,380+ visitors per day


  • Over 231,000 Salt Courses completions
  • Over 128,000 Salt Courses users
  • Over 1.5 million member interactions in 2016


  • 83% overall user satisfaction rate
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate for live counseling
  • 93% customer service satisfaction rate from partners


  • 96% increase in understanding of the standard loan repayment term
  • 140% increase in understanding of graduated repayment as an option to lower payment without extending the period
  • 81% increase in knowledge of what percentage of after-tax income a student loan payment should be